Do you Wanelo? Should You?

Do you Wanelo? Should You?

We all have to admit it we have a horse related shopping addiction! For some of us it’s grooming products for other breeches or even brow bands. Horse people are forever wanting, needing or loving something. That’s where Wanelo comes in, the site is named for want-need-love and it caters to the Internet shopaholic in all of us. The site is similar to Pinterest but focused on buying and shopping not just sharing beautiful images of anything that may catch a user’s fancy.

A Wanelo Story: Baby & Bright Blue

For niche shoppers like Equestrians this is a great site, it can help you narrow down what you want and how much it may cost at a variety of online stores. Thousands of equestrian items from Dover Saddlery alone are already indexed on Wanelo. In search of a hard to find in America color of German breeches? Wanelo may not only have the picture of the breeches of your dreams but a link to a European tack site willing to ship them all the way to your home in the USA.

A Wanelo Story: Pretty in Pink

So how does it work? You can login via Facebook and get your account up in a few clicks and a quick email conformation. Then you will be given a set of questions and selection to make that will help you find your first few users to follow, if you are also into non-equine shopping stores like Nordstrom and Shopbop are major players on Wanelo so you may want to add them and a few other favorites to your Feed. To find equestrian stuff you are going to want to use the search feature at the top of the page. Searching words like “equestrian” or “saddle” will get you the relevant products, stores and people for horse related shopping. The products you can tag or save to your own Wanelo “collections” the stores and people you can follow. Building list of horsey stores and people to follow will help fill you feed with lots of drool worthy horse items every time you visit Wanelo. If in the process you find the exact saddle pad of your dreams just click through to the product page and hit the green buy button and you will be whisked off to the seller’s page ready to select size and color and then check out! Pretty cool.

A Wanelo Story: Gorgeous Gray for Dressage

As you are looking around don’t forget to build your own collections, think of them as categorized wish lists. For example you may have a grooming products or paddock boots collection. If your collection is comprehensive enough soon you will have other users following you. Once you have a nice group of collections going you can create stories they are a group of up to nine items from various collections that you tie together with a common theme, like the color based examples in this story, you can share your stories on Facebook and Twitter. If you are really loving Wanelo don’t forget to install the app for your browser it will let you add items to your Wanelo collections from sites all over the web with just a few clicks.

Here are some  follow recommendations for you to as you build your Wanelo presence.

Llavone–that’s me!! Come see my favorite looks for barn and show. – European riding clothes, hard to find colors and styles. and – have all the basics for barn and horse.

Theappendixpony—everything teens and tweens that are horse mad could ever want.

@Pure_equestrian—all things barn and horse from boots to jumps and buckets.


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