Steps to Rock the FEI Jog

Steps to Rock the FEI Jog

The FEI Jog is the red carpet photo op of the horse show world. It’s a chance for riders that we normally see only in breeches and helmets to go full on fashionable. And lately we have been seeing more and more photos of perfectly turned out riders and their mounts jogging past the equine world’s version of paparazzi, oh and the critical eye of the FEI judges. The photos then instantly appear on social media and web sites like PS Dressage, The Chronical of the Horse and, just to mention a few. That’s a lot of pressure on the riders, not only do the horse need to be beautifully turned out and sound but the riders need an outfit that will look great while they are jogging/dragging their mount down the strip. I think the best way to cap off your perfect jog outfit is with a memorable pair of shoes, and riders at the 2014 World Equestrian Games in Normandy agree.

While a few brave equestrian ladies have been able to rock the high heels and even a dress at the jog, I fear that look can be hard to pull off. A heel and a sassy horse sound like a disaster in the making not to mention the problems you could encounter from and ill-timed gust of wind combined with a short skirt.

Petersen009070The days of doing the jog in schooling breeches and tall socks are over. Dressing in casual looks even athletic wear inspired ones doesn’t mean you should just pull your ratty paddock boots or gym shoes out of the closet. Make an effort!! In the spirit of loving this trend of classed up sportswear that we are seeing at FEI competitions across the disciplines I am celebrating the perfect accessory for that look: a drop dead awesome sneaker.

A sneaker with attitude is just the thing for a top notch competitor in eventing, dressage, show jumping or even reining (ok we may have a hard time getting the boots off Tim McCutchenon)  that is looking to dress up their jog outfit without having to attempt the inspection in high heals or slippery men’s oxfords. And if fashion Icon Karl Lagerfeld is declaring that “the sneaker is like the jeans for feet” who are we horse folks to contradict him. Here is a selection from mild to wild that could spice up your next jog!

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