Herringbone Ringside Grooming ToteHerringbone Ringside Grooming ToteHerringbone Ringside Grooming Tote

Herringbone Ringside Grooming Tote


At home or a show this grooming tote will stand out from the crowd. Handcrafted from exotic woods this tote is a true work of art.  All the wood is personal selected by master craftsmen before being milled and assembled.  Because of the nature of fine woods each tote will be slightly unique. To ensure these totes remain unique L. Lavone will only produce a limited number of each design before it is retired and replaced with a new style. Made in the United States of Wenge, Zebrawood and Ebony Gaboon. 17″x8″x14″

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Product Description

The pinnacle of ringside grooming totes handcrafted by artisan woodworker Hugh Braly exclusively for L. Lavone. Only a limited number of each design will be produced before the style is retired.

Each stunning tote is crafted from wood that is personally hand selected and milled by master wood artisan Hugh Braly ensuring that each piece of exotic hard wood used is only of superior quality, grain, color and quilting. Hand crafted using old world techniques each tote receives a personalized attention to detail to create a unique ‘one of a kind’ character and personality in each piece that is difficult to find in the world today.

The body of the tote is made of Wenge, an exotic hardwood from Africa the heartwood is dark brown, almost black. On the quartersawn surface, fine pencil-thin, light tan lines interspersed with blackish brown stripes make the surface appear as if it has been stroked by the fine claws of some wild jungle animal. On the tangential surface, the light lines show up as undulating streaks, like waves on the water.

Zebrawood is used in the inlay and handle to create the eye catching herringbone design.  Native to Western Africa and distinctive for its zebra like light and dark stripes. A heavy hard wood with a somewhat coarse texture often with an interlocked or wavy grain. The heartwood is a pale golden yellow and features narrow streaks of dark brown to black. It is almost always quartersawn to get the exciting alternating color pattern and a straight grain. It is a true exotic wood, with limited availability and relatively high prices.

The dark plugs on the end of the box are of Ebony Gaboon.  An exotic hardwood native to Western Africa. It is an extremely hard, dense, and heavy wood, with a very fine texture. The heartwood is a uniform jet-black or black-brown streaked.

Additional Information

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 18 x 8 x 14 in


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