Artist Julie Anna Freund – Our First Designer

Artist Julie Anna Freund – Our First Designer

L. Lavone is thrilled to announce that the artist for our first scarf has been selected, Julie Anna Freund. Juile is a lifelong Equestrian that has competed at hunter jumper shows on the east coast circuit and is a graduate of the Savannah College of Art and Design. Currently she lives in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, where she rides and trains horses at Vintage View Farm in Theinsville, WI, and is a freelance artist. Her twin passions for horses and art have made her an idea choice for designing the first scarf ever for L. Lavone.

Artist Julie Anna Freund Equestrain scarf “In many of my paintings I like to take the everyday images that equestrians see, and create a work of art that is recognizable and yet done in a way that emphasizes the beauty of the sport, and of the animal. Equestrian sport requires training, precise technique, and conditioning, just as the act of painting. Both require a knowledge of the materials and patience that when done right produce a wonderful connection to the human center.” She says about the inspiration for her equine works.

During her time in college at first Bridgewater College and later at the Savannah College of Art and Design Julie was a member of intercollegiate equestrian teams while earning a B.F.A in painting and double minors in equestrian studies and art history, graduating in 2013.

The Hampton Classic Horse Show Selects 2014 Poster ArtistBecause of her talent in portraying the strength of the sporthorse Julie Anna Freund has already been selected to create the official show poster for the 39th annual Hampton Classic in Bridgehampton, NY. The poster is a wonderful image called ‘Paseo’ depicting the powerfully delicate legs of a jumper as it moves over the ground.

Julie’s dedication to art and horses lead her to teach riding at Belvoir Terrace Performing Arts and Fine Arts summer camp in Lenox, Massachusetts during the summer of 2013. Before taking her position Vintage View Farm in Wisconsin. This summer she has been balancing her horse training responsibilities with working on the exciting design for L. Lavone’s first ever silk scarf.

L. Lavone cannot wait to share the exciting design that Julie is creating for our inaugural scarf. Once the design has been finalized by Julie here in the United States the process will shift to Como, Italy to a boutique textile firm founded in 1866 with a reputation for high quality small manufacturing jobs. The firm’s prides itself on melding new technology with traditional methods to create silk scarves that are among the best in the region. From Italy the scarves will be delivered to retail stores nationwide and be for sale online in plenty of time for the holidays.

To see more of Julie Anna Freund’s work visit her website.


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