About L. Lavone

Est. 2014

Founded by Michelle Cavanaugh Donn L. Lavone is a venture created to bring exquisite Equestrian themed items to market. Michelle settled on silk scarves in the tradition of Hermes and Gucci as her first product after investigating a number of other ideas. Michelle has always loved her own collection of vintage scarves even having a number of them framed for display in her home in Wellington, Florida. Scarves can transform a bland outfit to chic in moments, and as a keepsake or gift few items are treasured like a beautiful scarf. Michelle thought: “why shouldn’t equestrians have our own company creating items for us showcasing the artists that are part of our close knit community?” Bringing together the talents of Equestrian artists with the skilled craftsman of the silk producing area of Como, Italy has become Michelle’s first mission for L. Lavone. The effort has been well worth it and Michelle is thrilled that results of all her work will come to fruition during the holiday season of 2014 when her first L. Lavone scarves will be for sale in stores nationwide.

About Michelle Cavanaugh Donn

Michelle is a lifelong equestrian who, from dressage to reining horses, has done a little bit of everything that you can do with a horse. She is a native of Palm Beach County, Florida, where she got her start showing at the Posse Grounds on a 20 year old quarter horse.  After some time working her way up in the hunter world to the A circuit, she was introduced to dressage and got serious about the FEI Young Riders Program while in high school. After completing college Michelle owned, Unbridled Saddlery in Dallas, Texas in the early 2000s. Currently Michelle and her husband Scott are building a home and stables on 20 acres in Palm City, Florida.

Contact Michelle directly: michelle@llavone.com